It's War!

An Uncomfortable Dinner

Lost and Found


The party arrives at the home of Magister Hortus Arius and quickly discover that the Radford family is no longer there. Hortus explains he sent the family to an estate to the West of the city, about a day’s ride. Valeria is clearly upset by this news, especially in light of Belamdil’s dreams. She demands to be taken to her family immediately, however, Hortus declines but assures her he will take her tomorrow. Hortus then takes the book and excuses himself.

After a short while, the group begins to question the household staff. The staff nervously give clearly scripted answers. The party meets one slave in the gardens who eventually reveals that he and several others are remainders from the Radford Household. That Solomon Radford was sent away with a man that scared Hortus. Jule Radford became irate and difficult to handle, at which time, Hortus shipped her off with the rest of the family. Hortus then informed the servants that they were now slaves of his. As foreigners, what other choice did they have?

Hortus latter returns and is joined by Magister Theodric Siderian along with a small retainer of City Watchmen. The dinner focuses on Magister Siderian questioning Belamdil about his missing signet ring. Satisfied that Belamdil was not in league with the thief, Urian Lasko, Magister Siderian takes he ring and leaves the table wishing all well.

Hortus is then confronted by the party with accusations of selling off the family as slaves. He, of course, denies such accusations and demands that the party leave his home, they are no longer welcome as his guests. He offers to allow Dame Valeria to stay and escort her to her family in the morning. She opts to stay, she must be reunited with her family. The rest of the group leaves.

With no idea of where to go or what to do, the party decides to attempt to contact the sage, Phrixus Myron. To their surprise, they find Trevor Larys has indentured himself to the sage and is currently residing with him. Trevor warns the group not to return to the home of Hortus Arius, the group explains what has already transpired.

Trevor explains that Benjamin Trent is the one who carried off Solomon Radford and that Hortus later sold off the family in an attempt to distance himself from the whole business. He also explains that without a benefactor in Dorminia, they will have no voice as foreigners in the courts. The party inquires to the possibility of Phrixu helping, but Trevor tells them that he will have no interest in helping them. Trevor will attempt to obtain his help with Tansy’s situation, once the newness of the book of Berentis has worn off. Trevor is unsure of where the whole family is, just that Cristian Radford, Jothar, Galaf, and Tava have been sold to a local Gladiator School owned by a Magister Theodric Siderian. The rest of the family was taken North.

Tansy goes to spy on the home of Hortus Arius in hopes of getting access to Dame Valeria before she follows the fate of her family. In the early morning hours, Tansy spies a tarp covered cart leaving the residence. She fears for Valeria and follows. The cart goes to the arena “Decius Triumphum” and unloads a body. Tansy approaches the gate and is able to see Dame Valeria being dragged away.

The party decides to approach Magister Siderian and attempt to purchase their friends back. Dante does the talking, and with a little bardic magic, creates a good rapport with the Magister. However, as much as he likes Dante, he is unable to sell the gladiators to them since they are not citizens and have no citizen benefactor to sign the contracts for them. Unlike other goods and services, slaves require contracts. He does agree to look into the situation of Dame Valeria and what the circumstances are behind her imprisonment in the arena cells.

Defeated, the party is at loss for the next move. At this point, Magister Siderian makes an offfer. He can not sell the slaves to them, but, if the party were to do a service for him, he could release their friends. His offer, volunteer to be the prey in a hunting expedition he and a few others participate in. Usually they hunt slaves, but he hopes a party of adventurers will offer more sport. After some discussion, the group agrees they must do this in order to save the others. Magister Siderian reminds them that, since they are not citizens, there can be no formal contract, however, he and Dante exchange a gentleman’s handshake on the verbal deal.

Latter that night, they receive a visit from Tarsius Petras, Magister Siderian’s man. He informs the group of Dame Valeria’s plight. Apparently, there was an incident in the home of a Magister Hortus Arius and a guard was killed by this woman. She is now a prisoner of the city and is scheduled for execution via gladiator combat, as many criminals are. The party asks what can be done, and he explains nothing at this point. Her only hope is to put on entertaining show and win over the love of the crowd. If she “performs” in the arena, she may be allowed to live to fight again, if she draws a crowd, and therefore, money. The next day, the party visits Trevor and put him to the task of contacting Valeria and encourage to perform for the crowd, which they all agree is outside of Valeria’s normal character. They also inform him that they will be leaving for a while, but leave out the details of their mission.

After gathering the supplies they think they need for the hunt, the party meets Magister Siderian at the docks and board his personal ship, “The Rapture”. They set sail for the island where the hunt will be held and he goes over the rules, goals, and other players.



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