It's War!

At Sea

Captain Tansy?


On November 13th, at 4 am, the party has sailed out of the port of “Crag-Haven” on the stolen ship, “The Pillager”. After sailing aimlessly for several hours, a mob of 9 crowds around Tansy and Belamdil to ask what the plans are now. Tansy informs them that they are going to head for “Dorminia” in Reglosia. Many of the small group are opposed to this idea.

After the brief meeting, an inventory of the ship is conducted by Belamdil. Tansy and Chief Cob consult maps in the captain’s cabin. There, the chief asks Tansy what her intentions are as far as leadership on this boat. Tansy decides to declare herself captain.

A public forum is called at which Tansy asserts herself as captain and takes a vote on their destination of Reglosia. The decision is for Reglosia by almost 2/3. Belamdil successfully smooths things over with the dissenters. At this point, there is no imminent threat of mutiny. But a handful of former slaves and former pirates are not excited about their destination. The chief navigates a course, poorly, and Tansy successfully pilots the ship to get them on their way.

That night, a derelict ship drifts up on “The Pillager”. Tansy is awoken by the night watch. She sends one for Belamdil in the hold, who, along with Belamdil, brings the rest of the crew to see the “ghost ship”. After rounding up volunteers, Tansy leads a boarding party. They are quickly set upon by ghouls. The fight begins to go poorly for the party, but Belamdil unleashes the energy of Faramriel, and the ghouls drop. The fight is over, but the loss of one crewman weighs heavily upon the rest and murmurs among the crew circulate questioning the fitness of Captain Tansy to lead.

The next day the Captain orders rest after the long night. During this time, Reeve comes forward to the Captain with the Chief and reveals himself as a Paladin from Antares and his encounter with the former Baroness’s armies and tactics. He also pledges himself to the cause of rescuing their friends from slavery. Reeve also spends the day speaking to the crew on the Captain’s behalf, attempting to smooth over the grumblings after the death of Apius. Typhon, another crew member rescued from the Pits, pledges his support to Belamdil in the cause of rescuing friends. Reeve encourages caution when dealing with Typhon, he remembers him from the Pits as angry and out of control.

The following day, a drifting tender with 4 men is spotted and rescued. Persius, a smuggler until recent events removed him from his ship, introduces two of his fellow crew and one Ulpius Flaco, a nobleman from Reglosia. Ulpius assures Captain Tansy that if he is safely returned to Reglosia, his mother will give her whatever reward is asked. Although the circumstances are sad, Persius and his men are a needed addition to the Pillager’s crew as they have been functioning below the minimum required compliment of sailors. They seem to fit in easily with the existing crew.



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