It's War!




Tannin follows Captain Toland with her prisoners from “The Night Rose” to “The Cellar”. By listening through some low grated windows in the alley, Tannin learns that Daman has a key that will be needed to retrieve the prisoners.

Tannin and Tarsius then follow Daman to a large theater called “The Pits”. Inside they learn that it is a slave pit fighting arena. Daman is seen with Captain Toland ascending stairs to a second level booth. Tannin also notes a pickpocket take Daman’s pouch and move into the crowds. They opt to follow the pickpocket.

They tail the thief out into the streets and into an alley where they corner him. They discover that the thief, Rydan, has the key. Rydan, a young street orphan, is reluctant to give up his hard earned bounty. Tarsius suggests that they kill the boy and move on, but Tannin is adamant they not kill him. Instead, Tannin hires the boy as an informant and sets him to the task of scouring the docks for “The Breeze Skimmer” and who currently captains her. He accepts and they agree to meet latter that night.

NOTE: It has been too long since I updated this story arc, I will skip a bit brother…

1) The PCs attempt a break out witch is executed poorly, but ultimately succeeds in freeing Magister Siderian, Nicolas an arbiter, one arbiter is killed, and the third is re-captured.

2) The group takes up residence in cavern tunnels between the two wings of the city with Rydan as their guide.

3) During the search for a way out of port, Tarsius discovers an opportunity for the group. After performing a few assassinations, passage will be booked for them. The PCs refuse to take part in such activities.

4) Magister Siderian assigns the PCs and Rydan to scouting the tunnels while Tarsius “gathers” intel in the city. Captain Toland remains in port and has placed bounties on the PCs and group.

5) Belamdil finally remembers he can remove curse, Tannin is now Tansy again! During “tunnel scouting” missions, Tansy actually investigates the city. She discovers some of the crew of the “Breeze Skimmer” fighting in “The Pits”.

6) November 11th, the tunnel scouts find a man captured by bugbears. He is rescued and identifies himself as Blane, and escapee of “The Pits”. Tansy hatches a rescue scheme for her old crew. When the scouts return to base camp, the find that the others are gone with their gear. (SHOCKER*** Tarsius was doing assassinations and booked passage from him, Siderian, Nicolas, and Voleta)

7) Wee hours of the 13th, Tansy enacts her scheme with Blane’s guidance on how to sneak back into “The Pits”. The PCs manage to free some of the prisoners from the cells, escape through the tunnels, hijack a pirate vessel, and sail out from port.



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