It's War!

Port of Dorminia

Safe Harbor?


Upon arrival to Dorminia, Persius and his men went ahead to secure safe docking for the former pirate ship. However, due to not fully trusting Persius, Captain Tansy sent Blane along to keep an eye on him. Blane’s upstanding nature got the better of him and he was unable to ignore the things happening in the unscrupulous surroundings of the meeting Persius arranged. The deputy harbor master was insulted and required a larger bribe than normal to let the ship enter port unsearched for pirates.

As the group approached the city gates, a man inserted himself among them. Before inquiries could be made, the group was surrounded by a gang of thugs demanding that Atrino come with them. The man, Alex Atrino, told them to be gone, he was with friends. A fight then commenced. The group defeated the gang, but was assured that their boss would hear about this. Alex thanked the group and left, but did pay their gate entry fees.

Captain Tansy delivers Ulpius to his mother. The meeting was cold and conducted quickly, paying a reward of 5pp and escorted the party out.

The group then met with Magister Siderian only to learn the Cristian Radford was taken to by his son on a gladiator tour. The guards are released to them as promised. Belamdil interprets the Magister’s nightmares as a warning of his sons impending doom. The Magister writes a letter to his son and insists that Belamdil and his friends find his son, save him, and escort him home. Cristian will be released to them with delivery of the letter. Belamdil agrees and the Magister states that he will owe him. Tarsius escorts the group back to their ship to see them off.

Once they return to the ship, Captain Tansy learns of three sailors who have bailed and a rescue mission in progress for Liathas. She can’t leave until crew returns and she recruits new sailors, they are just too short handed. Tarsius seems quite perturbed and leaves to report this delay in the rescue of his son.



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