It's War!

The Nemora Wold

To lift a curse?


On December 7th, “The Greymoon” set sail with cargo for Dorminia. A few hours out from the port of Rumex, the PCs and party were dropped off on the coast a the southern most edge of the Nemora Wold. “The Greymoon” sailed on.

With no real direction, the group heads for the center. Along the way, the feeling of the forest closing in on them becomes very apparent. A times, foliage and limbs seem to fall directly at them. The party is ambushed by goblins, attacked by dire wolves, giant spiders, and encountered a strange animated tree that allowed them to pass on since their goal was to lift the curse on the forest.

During their travels through the forest, Typhon was slain during a dire wolf attack. His companion, Ajax, seemed un-phased by Typhon’s passing and insisted that the group press forward. Rydan collected Typhon’s backpack, but his weapons and armor were left behind.

The party found some ruined structures and began investigating. Tansy stirred up a wasp nest and became their target. She was chased to a river, followed by Reeve, Rydan, Belamdil, and Trevor. Once she was in the water, the wasps changed targets and began attacking anyone within sight. During the chaos, Rydan was surprised by a giant crayfish that dragged him back into the water. Reeve dove in to search for Rydan while Belamdil dove in to escape the wasp attacks. The crayfish attacked Reeve and they exchanged blows. The crayfish gave up after taking a couple of massive hits from Reeve and swam away.

After emerging, the party learned that Reeve had no luck and the Trevor had been attacked by the wasps. Belamdil was able to revive Trevor, but, even after finding the crayfish’s probable lair, no sign of Rydan was evident. The party decided they may have better luck if they lifted the curse on the forest and tracked back to the ruins. Ajax was not waiting when they returned.

The party found a central wall and gate, managed to climb the gate, and entered a central grove containing a giant oak tree surrounded by a high, thick wall of thorns. Ajax was found inside the wall and rejoined the group. Four structures were found at compass points around the tree, but no clue as how to enter through the thorns.

The party decides to search Typhon’s body for a clue past the thorn wall. After tracking back through the woods, the group finds a wand tucked into Typhon’s belt. Upon returning to the ruins, Belamdil is able to use the wand to open an archway through the thorn wall.

Upon entering the presence of the Great Oak, the presence of evil is palpable. A large black axe can be seen buried into the trunk of the tree, a sound sizzling sound can be heard as a small stream of smoke rises from the entry point. Dark, black ichor oozes from the wound in the tree’s trunk.

Immediately, Ajax moves and wrenches the axe free from the tree. Reeve advances calling for Ajax to release the axe. With a look of glee, Ajax swings on Reeve, and the battle begins. Calling upon the power of Glo’ir, Reeve attempts to “smite” Ajax. But Reeve quickly learns the evil nature of the axe as he is wounded several times.

After Tansy moves to flank and with spell support from Belamdil, Reeve finally dispatches Ajax, narrowly avoiding death himself. The axe is recognized by both Reeve and Belamdil as the axe from Reeve’s vision. The evil nature of the axe causes Reeve pain when he attempts to retrieve it. The party wraps it in blankets, but the axe blade eats through with acid. Reeve is careful to carry it by the wrapped handle.

Tansy, hoping that the curse is now lifted, leads the group back to Crayfish den. They do dive and find a sunken alcove and the body of Rydan, long dead. His body is retrieved and buried on the beach. The party then begins a solemn journey out of the Wold toward the coast, evil axe in hand.



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