It's War!

The Night Rose



October 27
That night, on the beach of the island, while the nobles feast and celebrate a game well played, Tansy sulks and grieves, but Belamdil dreams…,

“You walk on the deck of a ship, you are traveling toward the morning sun; the crew is working diligently. Then darkness falls, as if night has suddenly enveloped the ship, a single 4 pointed purple star has replaced the sun in the sky. The ships main sail, with the emblem of an eagle’s talon clutching a skull begins to smolder and catch fire. It burns quickly like rice paper. Looking about, skeletal bodies of the crew litter the deck; as the ashes of the sail fall, the purple star flickers and fades.”

That morning, Belamdil discusses his dream with Tannin and decides to tell the Magister. During the meeting with the Magister, before Belamdil can tell him of the dream, pirate ships are spotted approaching the Reglosian ships. The Magister goes above deck to monitor the situation and talk strategy with the captain.

One of the pirate ships is identified as “The Night Rose”, pirate notorious for hating Reglosians and slavery. Magister Siderian quickly proposes a plan to Belamdil to save himself and the arbiters from the hunt. He suggests that Belamdil and Tannin join Tarsius, disguise themselves as his slaves, and wait for “rescue”. Upon being captured by the pirates, Belamdil will then convince the captain of “The Night Rose” to keep Siderian and his arbiters alive for ransom. After agreeing, Tarsius leads the PCs to the slave deck where they change clothes and discard their gear.

The ship is indeed overtaken by the pirates. After some time, Belamdil is able to convince Captain Toland of “The Night Rose” to take the Magister and his arbiters as her prisoners. This infuriates the other pirate captain who claims that he had rights to prisoners according to their deal. Captain Toland dismisses the other captain telling him to get over it.

After four days of sailing, and a tense, quasi love triangle between Captain Toland, Tannin, and the 1st Mate, the ship pulls into port at Crag-Haven on November 3rd. The slaves are escorted off the ship and left on the docks, free and helpless.

Tarsius, Tannin, Belamdil, and Voleta set-up surveillance on “The Night Rose”. Tannin takes the first shift while Tarsius takes some of Tannin’s money to go get the group new clothes to help blend in at this pirate port.



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