It's War!

Time Passes

I fell behind on log posts.


The party has saved the young Corban Siderian!

Belamdil used his priestly magic to cure the poison killing the boy. However, the would-be assassin escaped. Tansy had Persius put a bounty on her, but nothing has turned up yet. The assassin stole the letter from Magister Siderian, so young Corban refused to join the PCs, he was having trust issues at the time. But he did release Cristian Radford to Belamdil. The PCs sent a letter explaining the situation to Magister Siderian. He was none to impressed.

The party survived Chalex Tower!

The tower was found abandoned, the occupants slaughtered and rising as zombies. Reeve had visions of quests to come. He delegated one to the party’s new companion, Garin Greathelm, a paladin of Glo’ir. He will undertake the rescue of captives taken into the Drow realms under the mountain. The PCs returned to Rumex turned over the “evil artifacts” taken off Matxal (the outsider) to the church of Mytris. The church has promised to see to the reoccupation of Chalex Tower.



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