Z Atris

former Greymoon carpenter


21 yo Human male with brown hair, facial scruff, and brown eyes, 6’2", 197 lbs.


Originally served with Dante, then on the “Breeze Skimmer” under Chief Cob, Atris was captured and placed in the fighting pits along with the Chief. Later he was rescued by the PCs and now serves as the Carpenter on “The Greymoon”. Atris is loyal to the PCs for saving his life.

Jan 12; Atris was removed from the roster of the Greymoon and left in Drobetta when Tansy relinquished command to Persius and concentrated on the various tasks keeping her away from the sea. Persius is moving the Greymoon to a smuggling ship to aid in the fight against the Baroness per Tansy’s request, but he is hand-picking a crew more suited to the endeavor.

Z Atris

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