Cob Hormin

"The Insurrection" - Quartermaster


Balding with blue eyes, 5’6", 145 lbs.


Former Chief of “The Breezeskimmer”, Chief Cob is a navy man all the way. There is a right way and wrong way to do things, rarely is there a gray area. The chief is a hard man when there is work to be done and he will not tolerate slackers and shirkers. But, when its time to relax, he can let loose with the best of them. He views the crew as his children and will protect them as such. He is quick to distrust strangers, but once he is your friend, its for life.

The chief has an extreme hatred for pirates and believes the death is the only acceptable way to deal with them. There is no forgiveness for that kind of barbarism.

Due to unfortunate events with pirates, slavery, and then the heroic rescue by the PCs, Chief Cob seved as the Quartemaster on “The Greymoon”.

On Dec. 13, the Chief was ran into a friend while in Corgoth’s Hall. He decided to join the rebellion and became Quartermaster on “The Insurrection”, a war ship harassing the Queen’s navy. Lesym, Cristian Radford, Jothor, Galaf, and Tava followed him.

Cob Hormin

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