Garin Greathelm

party ally


21 yo Human male with short blond hair, blue eyes, 5’11", 174 lbs


Garin was found by the PCs as a prisoner of an unknown outsider who attempted to gamble for the PCs “essence”. After having part of their “essence” trapped in copper coins, they finally killed Maxtal, the outsider. Garin was near death, hanging from a pole. The PCs revived him and he helped clear Chalex Tower.

While in the tower, at an altar of Glo’ir, he and Reeve had visions from their goddess about three quests. Garin has accepted to trial of rescuing what few survivors were taken from the Chalex Tower during the Drow raid. He has gone to Chalcitis to reunite with some friends and prepare to enter the tunnels found beneath the tower in search of the prisoners.

Garin Greathelm

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