Z Kratos

Former Greymoon specialist


18 yo Human male with long black hair and brown eyes, 6’4", 245 lbs. (Reglosian)

h3. Kratos, NG, 8 Fighter (18 H M) XP: 37,123 / 50,000
ST 20 +5 DX 16 +3 CN 14 +2 IN 11 — WS 13 +1 CH 11 — HP: 78
(BAB: +8/3) CMB: +13 CMD: 16 F: +8 R: +5 W: +3 AC: 22
Fighter: Bravery (+2 vs Fear) Armor Training (2) Weapon Training (+1 h/d Hvy Blades)
Skills: Clmb +10 Perc +9 (Pr)Sailor +8 Swim +16 Ling +2: (Reg, Ant)
Defense: MW Full Plate +8 (3/-4) Dodge +1 DX +3 AC: 22
Melee: *1 Brd Sw +17/12 dam: d10+9
if PowAt: *1 Brd Sw +14/9 dam: d10+15
if 2-W: *1 Brd Sw1 +13/8 dam: d10+9 *1 Brd Sw2 +13 dam: d10+9
if PA/2-W: *1 Brd Sw1 +10/5 dam: d10+15 *1 Brd Sw2 +10 dam: d10+15

Gear: 2/+1 Brd Swds, Backpack: bedroll, blanket, rope 50’, torches x10, water skin x2, rations x20, mug, mess kit, manacles x2
LLBP: flint & steel, coins: 7gp, 10ep, 4sp

Feats: WF/GWF (+2 hit Brd Sw) WS (+2 dam Brd Sw) Pow Att. (-3/+6) Dodge (+1 ac)
Imp Init (+4) Riposte 2-Wft (-4/-4) 2-Wdf (+1 ac) Double Slice (ST to off hand)

Originally joined the crew of “The Greymoon” in Rumex when the PCs were trying to rescue the son of Magister Siderian. They welcomed Kratos even though he was rumored to be a mutineer. He and Persius were never fond of each other.

Jan 12; Kratos was removed from the roster of the Greymoon and left in Drobetta when Tansy relinquished command to Persius and concentrated on the various tasks keeping her away from the sea. Persius is moving the Greymoon to a smuggling ship to aid in the fight against the Baroness per Tansy’s request, but he is hand-picking a crew more suited to the endeavor.

Z Kratos

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