Persius Lados

"The Greymoon" - Captain


25 yo 1/2 Elf male with a long black ponytail and blue eyes, 5’7", 151 lbs. (Reglosian)


Persius is a smuggler. A former first mate on “The Rover’s Greed”, that ship was attacked by pirates. Persius escaped with his two companions Orrin and Pirithous. They are totally loyal to him after 2 years of sailing together and the fact he saved their lives during the pirate attack.

Persius was the first mate on the “Greymoon”.

On January 12th, Captain Tansy gave command and the “Greymoon” to Persius with the understanding that he would take up smuggling for the rebellion against the Baroness. Persius agreed and wished Tansy well on her journeys. He then removed all the crew he felt unsuited to smuggling and began recruiting the type of crew he would need. The feel of the “Greymoon” will change.

Persius Lados

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