The Greymoon Ship's Log

Ship's ledger of "The Greymoon"


Nov 27: I collected 180 ep in bounty for the pirates we turned in to the Port Authorities in Rumex. Turns out they weren’t that famous or valuable.
At sea, some of the crew got into a heated debate that came to blows. I settled the situation quickly, no harm done. – Persius

Nov 28: A small pirate ship was spotted, Clio was able to steer clear and we avoided the encounter. – Persius

Dec 01: We were stopped just in view of port by the Dorminian Navy searching for pirates. I was able to convince the Commander that there was no need to come aboard. The delay was minimal and we reached the Port of Dorminia without further incident. – Persius

Dec 02: I met with Palas and got paid 500 ep for the run. He said it took too long, but if he had another small job, he might think of me. It’s a start. I managed to secure cargo for the return to Rumex. Blane made it back from the Magister with a return letter for Belamdil, what luck. – Persius

Dec 04: A gigantic sea creature surfaced and headed our way. With Clio at the helm, we evaded it. – Persius

Dec 05: We have arrived at the Port of Rumex. – Persius

Dec 07: I have secured cargo to Dorminia. We dropped the Captain and her team off in a small bay to do their “quest” with Typhon. She estimates they’ll be gone 2 weeks, then we meet up in Rumex. I should be able to get a few runs in. –P

Dec 08: We saw a naval battle in the distance, it looked pretty fierce. We avoided it. –P

Dec 09: We were caught in a storm, but Conrad sailed us through without any complications or losses. After reaching port, Clio noticed 8 days worth of food and water extra usage, but we couldn’t find the reason. –P

Dec 10: After securing cargo for Corgoth’s Hall, I heard rumors that the port city had become haunted, that the dead roam the streets at night. All well, I already loaded the cargo. –P

Dec 12: We’ve reached Corgoth’s Hall. I don’t know about being haunted, but it’s definitely fallen on hard times. There was a navy blockade, I talked us through but I couldn’t get docked without paying triple the usual taxes. This Baronet Aivyn Torcan is really squeezing the populace dry. –P

Dec 13: Well, so much for our trusted Quartermaster. I guess the Captain’s man isn’t as loyal as some of us. He just quit the crew, said he was joining a ship to that was actively fighting the Queen. He took Lesym with him, the Radford boy and his guards Jothor, Galaf, and Tava. At least the boy thanked me for our assistance. I bet it has something to do with that young guy I saw the Chief and that Radford boy sitting and talking with at “The Crow’s Nest” last night. They paid for their gear and took it with them. –P

Dec 13: More great news. Stavros, Jason, and Hastrin just quit. Something about finally being at port out of Reglosia. With all the quitters, that leaves me short a full crew. I have to start recruiting. –P

Dec 20: I’m not having much luck in this cursed port finding trustworthy replacements. Most are either unskilled vagabonds looking to leave this cursed hole or less reputable than our Captain would appreciate. I did secure a passenger though. A merchant trying to get out of the city with what little he has left. Says his name is Lord Karden Wern. We’ll take him, his daughter, 2 guards, and whatever merchandise he can get to the docks, once I have a crew. –P

Dec 21: Well, we were supposed to be back in Rumex by now. It can’t be helped at this point. We should probably work out some sort of contingencies if the Captain is going to be off ship a lot. –P

Dec 23: Still no luck with crew, but I rounded up another merchant refugee. Lord Chrestan Arryn, his wife and son, and what was left of his stock room. If I can get a crew together, we’ll leave this forsaken port. Although, I have learned that it has a booming black market and easily bribed city watchmen. –P

Dec 24: Well, it’s true, the dead do roam the streets at night. There was some panic on the docks and we managed to pull up the gangplank before the zombies reached us. They just kept walking after the people screaming and making a fuss. I think I’ll have everyone stay on board from now on. –P

Dec 26: Finally, I’ve gathered 10 sailors, I was hoping for 14, but I’m ready to leave. We’ll be fully loaded with our guests and their merchandise soon. We leave at first light. –P

Jan 02: We’ve reached Dorminia. It took a little longer than planned, but it took a bit for the new crew to learn the routine. Clio had a hard time keeping the ship in good repair. It took extra salvage, but we are seaworthy. –P

Jan 03: Lord Kaeso Valgus has hired us to carry him to Rumex. If you ask me, he’s on the run, but his money is electrum so I agreed. –P

Jan 04: We have loaded a full hold. We also have a special package to deliver to an Aristocrat (Mr. Cromwell Lester) in Drobetta. Its wrapped like a present of some kind, but the man paid me 200ep to deliver it, so I will. –P

Jan 05: First day at sea has been troublesome, Clio reports unusual damage to the ship, almost purposeful. We’re keeping our eyes open. –P

Jan 06: A fight broke out amongst some of the crew, it seems accusations are flying toward the repair crew about shoddy work. I settled it, but this mysterious damage to the ship is worsening. –P

Jan 07: Giant Squid! It was quite a fight, but we killed it! Unfortunately, during the listing of the ship, 4 people went overboard and we could only recover 3. We lost one of the new guys, Colrin. The ship took a lot of damage during the attack but Clio and the crew have started repairs as we sail. –P

Jan 08: I caught him! One of the newest recruits, Jaran. Apparently he’s angry with Clio and has been sabotaging the ship to get back at him. I almost threw him overboard, but we put a guard on him and put him to back breaking labor instead. Needless to say, he will not be paid nor rehired. We reached the port of Rumex this evening. –P

Jan 10: After sitting in dock for 2 days, the repairs are finally done! -P

Jan 11: We have set sail for Drobetta, the Captain has informed me of new plans for the ship, I like them! -P

Jan 12: I have assumed command of “The Greymoon” and her new mission. We have said farewell to Tansy, Belamdil, and Reeve. I have begun to assemble a new crew more suited to what lies ahead. -P


Letter 1: Tansy -

I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve abandoned you. I know you’re doing what you believe is right and necessary, but I need a ship with a purpose other than cargo hauling. This one, “The Insurrection”, she’s fighting for my home, my king. I need to join them. I’m too old to do anything but navy. Watch yourself girlie, and watch that first mate of yours. He may be good at his job, but he’s ambitious and shifty.

- Chief Cob Hormin

Letter 2: Captain Tansy and Belamdil -

Thank you for the assistance you have given my family, it will not be forgotten. Should I ever be in a position to repay your kindness and loyalty, I will. I look forward to the day that the people that betrayed my father will be brought to justice on the end of my sword. Until then, I will fight the traitorous Baroness. I know I have no right to ask, but please keep looking for the rest of my family. It seems they are lost in Reglosia. If you are unable to do anything else, please keep Trevor safe. My family owes him as much and more as we owe you.

- Your Friend and Ally, Cristian Radford

The Greymoon Ship's Log

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