It's War!

The Story So Far...
The Begining
April 1, 438 RF

Simple enough, deliver a letter from a respected member of your order to a ship’s captain in town. That’s how Belamdil Greymorn’s day started. With his sister, Tansy, in tow, he attempted to do as requested. Then the assassins stuck. That lead to an escape down the docks and aboard ship. The ship sinks during a naval battle and the Greymorn siblings wash up on a deserted beach, bodies and debris washing ashore. Two living found, Almaric and Celadaer. Narrowly escaping a witch and pirates, the group steals a lifeboat and rows away, eventually making it to Corgoth’s Hall and delivering the message to its intended recipient, Baronet Edward Judan.

The message, a list of names identifying traitors and enemy spies. On this list, an Elfin legate is found to be working for the enemy, one Baroness Kricerys Vale. Belamdil accepts an appointment to Emissary of Lord Judan and begins his journey back to the elfin lands of Lanyx. He and his group are given a ship, “The Breeze Skimmer”, her and her captain brought out of retirement to escort the Emissary.

Things go bad in Lanyx, but after a close trial and a short quest, the group earns the trust of the elves. The Hir’arquen sends a Legate to meet with Lord Judan and sign a treaty identifying Baroness Vale as a common enemy.

Shortly after delivering the Legate to Corgoth’s Hall, the Baroness Vale’s army invades. The group flees as ordered to report to the King in Arda. They return to their ship to find a few new crewmen. As they attempt to disembark, ships invade the port, the Baroness has help. After some fancy sailing and one small battle, “the Breeze Skimmer” escapes to Arda.

Trouble awaits the group there, as their contact, Solomon Radford, has been falsely accused of witch-craft against the King. The group flees again, dragging the entire Radford household across the bay to Dorminia. They seek sanctuary with an associate of Lord Judan’s, Magister Hortus Arius. To further complicate things, they receive reports that Lord Judan has fallen and that one of the new crewmen is actually Tybalt Judan, his son, secreted away during the beginning of the battles.


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