It's War!

Port of Dorminia
Safe Harbor?


Upon arrival to Dorminia, Persius and his men went ahead to secure safe docking for the former pirate ship. However, due to not fully trusting Persius, Captain Tansy sent Blane along to keep an eye on him. Blane’s upstanding nature got the better of him and he was unable to ignore the things happening in the unscrupulous surroundings of the meeting Persius arranged. The deputy harbor master was insulted and required a larger bribe than normal to let the ship enter port unsearched for pirates.

As the group approached the city gates, a man inserted himself among them. Before inquiries could be made, the group was surrounded by a gang of thugs demanding that Atrino come with them. The man, Alex Atrino, told them to be gone, he was with friends. A fight then commenced. The group defeated the gang, but was assured that their boss would hear about this. Alex thanked the group and left, but did pay their gate entry fees.

Captain Tansy delivers Ulpius to his mother. The meeting was cold and conducted quickly, paying a reward of 5pp and escorted the party out.

The group then met with Magister Siderian only to learn the Cristian Radford was taken to by his son on a gladiator tour. The guards are released to them as promised. Belamdil interprets the Magister’s nightmares as a warning of his sons impending doom. The Magister writes a letter to his son and insists that Belamdil and his friends find his son, save him, and escort him home. Cristian will be released to them with delivery of the letter. Belamdil agrees and the Magister states that he will owe him. Tarsius escorts the group back to their ship to see them off.

Once they return to the ship, Captain Tansy learns of three sailors who have bailed and a rescue mission in progress for Liathas. She can’t leave until crew returns and she recruits new sailors, they are just too short handed. Tarsius seems quite perturbed and leaves to report this delay in the rescue of his son.

At Sea
Captain Tansy?


On November 13th, at 4 am, the party has sailed out of the port of “Crag-Haven” on the stolen ship, “The Pillager”. After sailing aimlessly for several hours, a mob of 9 crowds around Tansy and Belamdil to ask what the plans are now. Tansy informs them that they are going to head for “Dorminia” in Reglosia. Many of the small group are opposed to this idea.

After the brief meeting, an inventory of the ship is conducted by Belamdil. Tansy and Chief Cob consult maps in the captain’s cabin. There, the chief asks Tansy what her intentions are as far as leadership on this boat. Tansy decides to declare herself captain.

A public forum is called at which Tansy asserts herself as captain and takes a vote on their destination of Reglosia. The decision is for Reglosia by almost 2/3. Belamdil successfully smooths things over with the dissenters. At this point, there is no imminent threat of mutiny. But a handful of former slaves and former pirates are not excited about their destination. The chief navigates a course, poorly, and Tansy successfully pilots the ship to get them on their way.

That night, a derelict ship drifts up on “The Pillager”. Tansy is awoken by the night watch. She sends one for Belamdil in the hold, who, along with Belamdil, brings the rest of the crew to see the “ghost ship”. After rounding up volunteers, Tansy leads a boarding party. They are quickly set upon by ghouls. The fight begins to go poorly for the party, but Belamdil unleashes the energy of Faramriel, and the ghouls drop. The fight is over, but the loss of one crewman weighs heavily upon the rest and murmurs among the crew circulate questioning the fitness of Captain Tansy to lead.

The next day the Captain orders rest after the long night. During this time, Reeve comes forward to the Captain with the Chief and reveals himself as a Paladin from Antares and his encounter with the former Baroness’s armies and tactics. He also pledges himself to the cause of rescuing their friends from slavery. Reeve also spends the day speaking to the crew on the Captain’s behalf, attempting to smooth over the grumblings after the death of Apius. Typhon, another crew member rescued from the Pits, pledges his support to Belamdil in the cause of rescuing friends. Reeve encourages caution when dealing with Typhon, he remembers him from the Pits as angry and out of control.

The following day, a drifting tender with 4 men is spotted and rescued. Persius, a smuggler until recent events removed him from his ship, introduces two of his fellow crew and one Ulpius Flaco, a nobleman from Reglosia. Ulpius assures Captain Tansy that if he is safely returned to Reglosia, his mother will give her whatever reward is asked. Although the circumstances are sad, Persius and his men are a needed addition to the Pillager’s crew as they have been functioning below the minimum required compliment of sailors. They seem to fit in easily with the existing crew.



Tannin follows Captain Toland with her prisoners from “The Night Rose” to “The Cellar”. By listening through some low grated windows in the alley, Tannin learns that Daman has a key that will be needed to retrieve the prisoners.

Tannin and Tarsius then follow Daman to a large theater called “The Pits”. Inside they learn that it is a slave pit fighting arena. Daman is seen with Captain Toland ascending stairs to a second level booth. Tannin also notes a pickpocket take Daman’s pouch and move into the crowds. They opt to follow the pickpocket.

They tail the thief out into the streets and into an alley where they corner him. They discover that the thief, Rydan, has the key. Rydan, a young street orphan, is reluctant to give up his hard earned bounty. Tarsius suggests that they kill the boy and move on, but Tannin is adamant they not kill him. Instead, Tannin hires the boy as an informant and sets him to the task of scouring the docks for “The Breeze Skimmer” and who currently captains her. He accepts and they agree to meet latter that night.

NOTE: It has been too long since I updated this story arc, I will skip a bit brother…

1) The PCs attempt a break out witch is executed poorly, but ultimately succeeds in freeing Magister Siderian, Nicolas an arbiter, one arbiter is killed, and the third is re-captured.

2) The group takes up residence in cavern tunnels between the two wings of the city with Rydan as their guide.

3) During the search for a way out of port, Tarsius discovers an opportunity for the group. After performing a few assassinations, passage will be booked for them. The PCs refuse to take part in such activities.

4) Magister Siderian assigns the PCs and Rydan to scouting the tunnels while Tarsius “gathers” intel in the city. Captain Toland remains in port and has placed bounties on the PCs and group.

5) Belamdil finally remembers he can remove curse, Tannin is now Tansy again! During “tunnel scouting” missions, Tansy actually investigates the city. She discovers some of the crew of the “Breeze Skimmer” fighting in “The Pits”.

6) November 11th, the tunnel scouts find a man captured by bugbears. He is rescued and identifies himself as Blane, and escapee of “The Pits”. Tansy hatches a rescue scheme for her old crew. When the scouts return to base camp, the find that the others are gone with their gear. (SHOCKER*** Tarsius was doing assassinations and booked passage from him, Siderian, Nicolas, and Voleta)

7) Wee hours of the 13th, Tansy enacts her scheme with Blane’s guidance on how to sneak back into “The Pits”. The PCs manage to free some of the prisoners from the cells, escape through the tunnels, hijack a pirate vessel, and sail out from port.

The Night Rose


October 27
That night, on the beach of the island, while the nobles feast and celebrate a game well played, Tansy sulks and grieves, but Belamdil dreams…,

“You walk on the deck of a ship, you are traveling toward the morning sun; the crew is working diligently. Then darkness falls, as if night has suddenly enveloped the ship, a single 4 pointed purple star has replaced the sun in the sky. The ships main sail, with the emblem of an eagle’s talon clutching a skull begins to smolder and catch fire. It burns quickly like rice paper. Looking about, skeletal bodies of the crew litter the deck; as the ashes of the sail fall, the purple star flickers and fades.”

That morning, Belamdil discusses his dream with Tannin and decides to tell the Magister. During the meeting with the Magister, before Belamdil can tell him of the dream, pirate ships are spotted approaching the Reglosian ships. The Magister goes above deck to monitor the situation and talk strategy with the captain.

One of the pirate ships is identified as “The Night Rose”, pirate notorious for hating Reglosians and slavery. Magister Siderian quickly proposes a plan to Belamdil to save himself and the arbiters from the hunt. He suggests that Belamdil and Tannin join Tarsius, disguise themselves as his slaves, and wait for “rescue”. Upon being captured by the pirates, Belamdil will then convince the captain of “The Night Rose” to keep Siderian and his arbiters alive for ransom. After agreeing, Tarsius leads the PCs to the slave deck where they change clothes and discard their gear.

The ship is indeed overtaken by the pirates. After some time, Belamdil is able to convince Captain Toland of “The Night Rose” to take the Magister and his arbiters as her prisoners. This infuriates the other pirate captain who claims that he had rights to prisoners according to their deal. Captain Toland dismisses the other captain telling him to get over it.

After four days of sailing, and a tense, quasi love triangle between Captain Toland, Tannin, and the 1st Mate, the ship pulls into port at Crag-Haven on November 3rd. The slaves are escorted off the ship and left on the docks, free and helpless.

Tarsius, Tannin, Belamdil, and Voleta set-up surveillance on “The Night Rose”. Tannin takes the first shift while Tarsius takes some of Tannin’s money to go get the group new clothes to help blend in at this pirate port.

The Hunt
A Most Dangerous Game

island.jpeg October 18th
After landing on the Island, the party sees a beach set up with tables and preparations being made for a feast. Two ships have already arrived ahead of “the Rapture”, and the fourth arrives shortly after. Many slaves are going about the preparations, some people seem to be visiting with one another. Magister Siderian excuses himself to go greet other noble looking guests. The party is escorted to a large tent erected on the beach for them and introduced to Quintus, their attendant.

That night, the party is invited to join Magister Siderian at the feast, it seems all groups have their own tables. One additional feature is noticed, a man tied to a pole close to the forest, outside the ring of torches illuminating the night. Dante recognizes the man as Urian Lasko, the thief who stole Magister Siderian’s signet ring. They are informed by the Magister that Lasko will be joining their team. He also makes it clear that he would not be upset if Lasko did not survive the hunt, even suggesting he be used as a decoy for the hunters so the party can escape any close encounters. After the feast, Tannin and Dante approach the bound man, the guards are alert, but allow them access. Tannin slaps Lasko, “That’s for nearly getting my brother killed!” Dante then explains to Lasko his best chance of survival is to follow their instructions and not attempt any double crosses.

That night, the party discusses what should be done with Lasko. Dante does not believe he will be allowed to live if he survives the hunt. Almaric asks how far is the party going to go to protect Lasko during the hunt and, assuming they return victorious, from the Magister. Belamdil uncomfortable with the thought of allowing Magister Siderian simply murder Lasko upon their return. No definite plan is reached, just disturbing feelings. Early that morning, before sunrise, the group is awoke by Quintus, “It’s time to go.” The group gears up, retrieves Lasko from his pole, shares what little extra gear they have with him, and take off into the forest.

During their head start run, Dante informs Lasko of what Dante believes to be Siderian’s intentions. He suggest that he Lasko not return with them, that if he sees another opportunity to get off this island, Lasko should take it.

The next day, as Molly guides the group toward the center of the island, the sounds of battle can be heard in the distance behind the group. It’s believed by Dante that this is two of the hunter groups fighting among themselves. The party continues deeper into the forest when Tannin calls for a halt, something is in the bushes ahead of them. Seconds later, a large tiger leaps out of hiding and latches onto Molly’s neck, raking her with its rear claws. The party jumps to action, slaying the beast just as it begins its retreat with Molly. After a couple of castings of healing magics, the party realizes that Molly is dead. It is decided that there is no time to bury her nor carry her along. At Almaric’s suggestion, Dante takes her head to prevent it from being claimed by a hunters as a trophy. The party sullenly moves on.

That night, Dante is attacked by a giant constrictor snake from the trees. After a short battle, the snake is defeated and no one is lost. The next day the party comes upon some ruins in a clearing that the forest is quickly growing over. As Tannin scouts the area and Dante watches her back from the forest edge, Almaric, Urian, and Belamdil are attacked by crazy eyed warrior leaping from the brush. He is dispatched, but the noise alerted a hunter team hiding in the ruins. The party quickly circle around the clearing through the trees as the hunting party converges on their previous position. More scouting reveals sewer drains and a trapdoor in the floor of a mostly collapsed structure. The party opts for the trapdoor and descend into tunnels beneath the ruins. As they search the tunnels, they discover that the tunnels connect to the sewer drains and the area has been trapped. Tannin is hit by a poisoned blade that weakens him to the point of collapse and Dante is heat by a spear trap. As the party rests in the tunnels, Dante decides to continue scouting ahead. After rounding a corner, he is set upon by four, large, bat-winged insects that attach to him and begin to drain his blood. Dante attempts to defend himself and yell for help, by the time Almaric arrives, Dante has fallen, drained to death. The party agrees that Dante would not want to be a trophy for hunters, so after a few words from Belamdil, Almaric takes his head and places it in the sack with Molly’s head. His gear is collected and the party rests for the night in the tunnels.

Continuing the next day, the party is swarmed by giant rats with relatively little harm. Some magical trinkets are found among the rat nests and while investigating them, Urian reveals he has some sorcerous abilities. Using a ring they found that grants Darkvision, Urian takes the lead as scout through a secret door into sewer drains. After the a small lead, the group gets ready to follow, but hears screams from Urian. As Tannin begins to run for him, he is hit with burning pain from green slime clinging to him from the sewer. The party uses a torch to burn the remaining slime away and discover Urian dead in the sewer, his flesh burned as if by acid. Without much ceremony, the party leaves Urian in his sewer grave and continues on through secret doors and tunnels, searching for the “trophy.” The party discovers two doors, one with the sounds of sheep, chickens, and men on the other side. The other door secured with bars and padlocks, blood stains the floor before it. The party bust through the sheep door to discover two men who surrender without a fight. The men don’t have much information, just that they use the animals to feed the beast through the other door. The party takes the key from the men, unlock the barred door as stealthily as possible, and enter. From the darkness charges a large minotaur. Almaric faces off with it supported by Belamdils magic while Tannin flanks it. The party makes short work of the creature and discover the “trophy” caged in the room. A beautiful woman, purchased to be given as the prize in this hunt. Tannin makes a face at the statement of “being purchased”, but says nothing. As the party tries to head back out, Tannin is caught by surprise as he rounds a corner. Warriors attack from either side of him and more can be seen behind them. Bottled-necked in the tunnels, the fight becomes desperate for Tannin. He is able to swap places with Almaric and get healed by Belamdil. As Almaric dispatches one and moves forward, Dog and Tannin enter the fight, facing the foes from the other direction. Tannin makes progress into the sewers where he falls, Dog fights on. Belamdil is able to pull Tannin out and heal him, then enters the fight with Dog, quarters are tight. Belamdil advances on a bowman at the entrance to the sewer before he can fire. Belamdil then discovers more men waiting there, one a sorcerer. Belamdil and Dog face off with the man in the entrance, and, after many wounds, Belamdil is forced to channel healing energies. Unfortunately, this revives fallen foes and puts Tannin back in a fight where he is flanked. Eventually Almaric makes it to Tannin as Belamdil falls, Dog fights on. Almaric charges to the entrance as Tannin continues to fight enemies in the sewer. Almaric grabs Belamdil and retreats back into a room, Tannin follows and uses his rogue skills to lock the door. Tannin uses those same skills to activate Belamdil’s wand and revive him. As the party rests in the locked room, Belamdil wonders how the fight goes for Dog.

After resting and healing up, the party again attempts to escape the sewers. Tannin attempts to sneak out the door, but a string of bells alerts all that the door has been opened. Tannin uses the ring and makes her way through the darkness. She is able to locate the hiding places of their enemies. As she attempts to sneak up on one, magical light fills the hall cast by a sorcerer. Tannin takes advantage of the confusion and takes out one enemy, then advances on the sorcerer. Another warrior charges to flank Tannin before Almaric can race into the hall followed by Belamdil. Tannin quickly dispatches the sorcerer, Almaric engages the warrior, and a bowman fires on Almaric. Once Tannin and Almaric take out the warrior, the bowman flees.

The party gives chase, only to find the bowman stopped at the entrance of the sewer, a woman’s scream is heard along with multiple other voices. The bowman begins to back toward the party. The party decides it is probably another hunting group and flees back into the sewers to make their way to the ladder. Almari, bringing up the rear, alerts Belamdil that the bowman is following. After Tannin leads Voleta up the ladder, Belamdil decides they have to take out the bowman. Almaric charges the bowman who quickly pulls a long sword to engage. Almaric is outmatched, but manages to stay in the fight with aid from Belamdil’s magic.

Hearing the sounds of battle, Tannin climbs back into the sewers to investigate. She moves in to switch out with Almaric while Belamdil climbs up to check on Voleta. After a desperate battle, Tannin falls. Alaric immediately jumps back in, yelling an alarm to Belamdil. Almaric, already injured, coupled with fighting over Tannin’s unconscious body, falls to the enemies blade. As Belamdil descends the ladder, he witnesses the enemy slice Almaric’s throat. Belamdil charges in and manages to defeat the man who has already defeated two of his comrades. Belamdil revives Tannin and they weep for Almaric. Tannin takes Almaric’s head adding it to the sack with Dante and Molly. Then what’s left of the party flees the ruins into the forest.

After a two day trek through the forest and one encounter with a giant spider, the party nears the beach. However, Tannin spots men hiding at the tree line. A plan is made for Tannin to ambush one and draw the others in hopes of escaping around them. The plan falls apart when the party is heard tromping in the forest. Tannin hides, Belamdil and Voleta fall back against trees, and the hunters approach.

As the hunters rush in, Tannin catches one by surprise and he is forced to engage. The others surround Belamdil and Voleta. The battle rages for many rounds with party members being flanked, defensively cast spells from Belamdil, Voleta never running but helping where she could, and enemies falling. Finally, Tannin has fallen leaving Belamdil and Voleta to face off with the lead hunter, but, after calling on his faith to aid him, Belamdil is victorious, the enemy falls, and the party makes their way to the beach. They are met by Magister Siderian, congratulated, and invited to rest, wash, and eat. The magister does acknowledge the lost party members but happily declares this hunt a success for his team. He then leaves the group to gloat to his fellow nobles.

An Uncomfortable Dinner
Lost and Found


The party arrives at the home of Magister Hortus Arius and quickly discover that the Radford family is no longer there. Hortus explains he sent the family to an estate to the West of the city, about a day’s ride. Valeria is clearly upset by this news, especially in light of Belamdil’s dreams. She demands to be taken to her family immediately, however, Hortus declines but assures her he will take her tomorrow. Hortus then takes the book and excuses himself.

After a short while, the group begins to question the household staff. The staff nervously give clearly scripted answers. The party meets one slave in the gardens who eventually reveals that he and several others are remainders from the Radford Household. That Solomon Radford was sent away with a man that scared Hortus. Jule Radford became irate and difficult to handle, at which time, Hortus shipped her off with the rest of the family. Hortus then informed the servants that they were now slaves of his. As foreigners, what other choice did they have?

Hortus latter returns and is joined by Magister Theodric Siderian along with a small retainer of City Watchmen. The dinner focuses on Magister Siderian questioning Belamdil about his missing signet ring. Satisfied that Belamdil was not in league with the thief, Urian Lasko, Magister Siderian takes he ring and leaves the table wishing all well.

Hortus is then confronted by the party with accusations of selling off the family as slaves. He, of course, denies such accusations and demands that the party leave his home, they are no longer welcome as his guests. He offers to allow Dame Valeria to stay and escort her to her family in the morning. She opts to stay, she must be reunited with her family. The rest of the group leaves.

With no idea of where to go or what to do, the party decides to attempt to contact the sage, Phrixus Myron. To their surprise, they find Trevor Larys has indentured himself to the sage and is currently residing with him. Trevor warns the group not to return to the home of Hortus Arius, the group explains what has already transpired.

Trevor explains that Benjamin Trent is the one who carried off Solomon Radford and that Hortus later sold off the family in an attempt to distance himself from the whole business. He also explains that without a benefactor in Dorminia, they will have no voice as foreigners in the courts. The party inquires to the possibility of Phrixu helping, but Trevor tells them that he will have no interest in helping them. Trevor will attempt to obtain his help with Tansy’s situation, once the newness of the book of Berentis has worn off. Trevor is unsure of where the whole family is, just that Cristian Radford, Jothar, Galaf, and Tava have been sold to a local Gladiator School owned by a Magister Theodric Siderian. The rest of the family was taken North.

Tansy goes to spy on the home of Hortus Arius in hopes of getting access to Dame Valeria before she follows the fate of her family. In the early morning hours, Tansy spies a tarp covered cart leaving the residence. She fears for Valeria and follows. The cart goes to the arena “Decius Triumphum” and unloads a body. Tansy approaches the gate and is able to see Dame Valeria being dragged away.

The party decides to approach Magister Siderian and attempt to purchase their friends back. Dante does the talking, and with a little bardic magic, creates a good rapport with the Magister. However, as much as he likes Dante, he is unable to sell the gladiators to them since they are not citizens and have no citizen benefactor to sign the contracts for them. Unlike other goods and services, slaves require contracts. He does agree to look into the situation of Dame Valeria and what the circumstances are behind her imprisonment in the arena cells.

Defeated, the party is at loss for the next move. At this point, Magister Siderian makes an offfer. He can not sell the slaves to them, but, if the party were to do a service for him, he could release their friends. His offer, volunteer to be the prey in a hunting expedition he and a few others participate in. Usually they hunt slaves, but he hopes a party of adventurers will offer more sport. After some discussion, the group agrees they must do this in order to save the others. Magister Siderian reminds them that, since they are not citizens, there can be no formal contract, however, he and Dante exchange a gentleman’s handshake on the verbal deal.

Latter that night, they receive a visit from Tarsius Petras, Magister Siderian’s man. He informs the group of Dame Valeria’s plight. Apparently, there was an incident in the home of a Magister Hortus Arius and a guard was killed by this woman. She is now a prisoner of the city and is scheduled for execution via gladiator combat, as many criminals are. The party asks what can be done, and he explains nothing at this point. Her only hope is to put on entertaining show and win over the love of the crowd. If she “performs” in the arena, she may be allowed to live to fight again, if she draws a crowd, and therefore, money. The next day, the party visits Trevor and put him to the task of contacting Valeria and encourage to perform for the crowd, which they all agree is outside of Valeria’s normal character. They also inform him that they will be leaving for a while, but leave out the details of their mission.

After gathering the supplies they think they need for the hunt, the party meets Magister Siderian at the docks and board his personal ship, “The Rapture”. They set sail for the island where the hunt will be held and he goes over the rules, goals, and other players.

The Witch's Book
Haunted mansion


After six days of horrifying encounters with ghosts, haunts, and zombies, the party was able to locate and recover the “Book of Berentis”. At much cost, the life of Celadaer and possibly a bit of their sanity, all witchs were found and forced to rest. The house seemed calm, the zombies dropped, and the Zealot declared the mansion finally cleaned and released his hold on Valeria. The party then began the long walk back to Dorminia with some new found friends and possessions of interest.

Along the way, Belamdil receives a dream from Faramriel; “You are high in the sky and the landscape seems to rush up o you. You see a port city and a four point purple star. The star fractures into four pieces, one moves East of the city, one moves South across ocean to a port of another land and then the piece fades. The third piece travels North and the final piece remains in the city.” Belamdil then wakes and contemplates its meaning and shares it with the group, upsetting Valeria as her family has a four point purple star in their sigil.

It is not until they reach Dorminia, that the group discussion of the dream sparks a revelation in Belamdil; “the Radford family is broken and lost, and the patriarch is dead!”

This news is upsetting to all, especially Valeria who angrily questions the priest on how he can be certain. Tansy also notes that the group is watched while entering the gates by two men who exchange a quick word with each other and jog off into the streets. With bad omens and watchful eyes upon them, the group quickly becomes concerned about ambushes and traps and ponders their next course of action.

The decision is made for them by Valeria, who insists on returning to the home of Hortus Arius to reunite with her family. Rather than let her go alone, the party cautiously follows.

The Story So Far...
The Begining
Simple enough, deliver a letter from a respected member of your order to a ship’s captain in town. That’s how Belamdil Greymorn’s day started. With his sister, Tansy, in tow, he attempted to do as requested. Then the assassins stuck. That lead to an escape down the docks and aboard ship. The ship sinks during a naval battle and the Greymorn siblings wash up on a deserted beach, bodies and debris washing ashore. Two living found, Almaric and Celadaer. Narrowly escaping a witch and pirates, the group steals a lifeboat and rows away, eventually making it to Corgoth’s Hall and delivering the message to its intended recipient, Baronet Edward Judan. The message, a list of names identifying traitors and enemy spies. On this list, an Elfin legate is found to be working for the enemy, one Baroness Kricerys Vale. Belamdil accepts an appointment to Emissary of Lord Judan and begins his journey back to the elfin lands of Lanyx. He and his group are given a ship, “The Breeze Skimmer”, her and her captain brought out of retirement to escort the Emissary. Things go bad in Lanyx, but after a close trial and a short quest, the group earns the trust of the elves. The Hir’arquen sends a Legate to meet with Lord Judan and sign a treaty identifying Baroness Vale as a common enemy. Shortly after delivering the Legate to Corgoth’s Hall, the Baroness Vale’s army invades. The group flees as ordered to report to the King in Arda. They return to their ship to find a few new crewmen. As they attempt to disembark, ships invade the port, the Baroness has help. After some fancy sailing and one small battle, “the Breeze Skimmer” escapes to Arda. Trouble awaits the group there, as their contact, Solomon Radford, has been falsely accused of witch-craft against the King. The group flees again, dragging the entire Radford household across the bay to Dorminia. They seek sanctuary with an associate of Lord Judan’s, Magister Hortus Arius. To further complicate things, they receive reports that Lord Judan has fallen and that one of the new crewmen is actually Tybalt Judan, his son, secreted away during the beginning of the battles.

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