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  • At sea

    [[File:558715 | class=media-item-align-none | the_sea.jpg]] On November 13th, at 4 am, the party has sailed out of the port of "Crag-Haven" on the stolen ship, "The Pillager". After sailing aimlessly for several hours, a mob of 9 crowds around Tansy …

  • The Nemora Wold

    [[File:662089 | class=media-item-align-none | nemora_wold.jpg]] On December 7th, "The Greymoon" set sail with cargo for Dorminia. A few hours out from the port of Rumex, the PCs and party were dropped off on the coast a the southern most edge of the …

  • Places

    [[Dominion of Reglosia]] [[Eastern City-States]] [[Island of Lanyx]] [[Kingdom of Antares]] [[Queendom of Thiama]] [[Theocracy of Gottinvalt]] [[Wild lands of Krigforing]]

  • Religions

    This page would be a listing of various religions practiced in the world of It's War... [[Domains]] [[Faith]] [[Antares]] [[Faeramriel]] [[Reglosia]] [[Thiama]]

  • The Greymoon

    |*Current crew roster of "The Greymoon":*|3-20-17| |*Sailor*|*Name*|*Al*|*Class/lvl*|*Notes*| |01|Persius|TN|Rog 5|*Captain*, (25 1/2 E M), sailor; former smuggler| |02|xxx|??|Rog 5|*First Mate*, (25 1/2 E M), sailor; former smuggler| |03|Edwin|LN| …

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