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  • At sea

    [[File:558715 | class=media-item-align-none | the_sea.jpg]] On November 13th, at 4 am, the party has sailed out of the port of "Crag-Haven" on the stolen ship, "The Pillager". After sailing aimlessly for several hours, a mob of 9 crowds around Tansy …

  • The Nemora Wold

    [[File:662089 | class=media-item-align-none | nemora_wold.jpg]] On December 7th, "The Greymoon" set sail with cargo for Dorminia. A few hours out from the port of Rumex, the PCs and party were dropped off on the coast a the southern most edge of the …

  • Places

    [[Dominion of Reglosia]] [[Eastern City-States]] [[Island of Lanyx]] [[Kingdom of Antares]] [[Queendom of Thiama]] [[Theocracy of Gottinvalt]] [[Wild lands of Krigforing]]

  • Religions

    This page would be a listing of various religions practiced in the world of It's War... [[Domains]] [[Faith]] [[Antares]] [[Faeramriel]] [[Reglosia]] [[Thiama]]

  • Blane Tarsin

    Former bodyguard to a wealthy merchant from Antares. Ship was captured by pirates, his employer was slain and he was sold to the fighting pits. Escaped from the fighting pits in Crag-Haven, Blane was rescued in the tunnels by the PCs. He was found …

  • The Greymoon

    |*Current crew roster of "The Greymoon":*|3-20-17| |*Sailor*|*Name*|*Al*|*Class/lvl*|*Notes*| |01|Persius|TN|Rog 5|*Captain*, (25 1/2 E M), sailor; former smuggler| |02|xxx|??|Rog 5|*First Mate*, (25 1/2 E M), sailor; former smuggler| |03|Edwin|LN| …

  • Liathis

    Liathis was nearly destroyed by a fireball in the fight with orcs. All her normal gear was destroyed. Her money is melted into a glob ( half value). Her magical gear is fine which is why she now has one set of clothes. She needs to be reequipped.

  • Kealani

    |{background:#99badd}. *Hawk*, LG, HD: 8d8 (tiny animal form)| |ST 9 -1|DX 20 +5|CN 11 --|IN 10 --|WS 13 +1|CH 12 +1|*HP:* 37| |(BAB: +6)|CMB: +2|CMD: 17|F: +8|R: +11|W: +5|*AC:* 20| |--|--|--|--|--|--|--| |*Skills:*|Acro +15|Blff +6|Fly +24|(Kn)Nat …

  • Ritriel Nightbrook

    Ritriel has agreed to meet the group in Arda and assist them if she can. Her current mission takes her into the Eastern Free States, but when she is finished, she will seek out their friend Trevor in Arda in an attempt to join them.

  • Ethrias

    Ethrias is a simple man, slow to comprehend new things, but very adept at combat. He is most comfortable following orders and struggles when forced to make decisions for himself. Ethrias was rescued from the fighting pits in Crag-Haven. He has worked …

  • Reeve Steeltalon

    Converts: Ethrias, Tansy Greymorn |*Followers:*|*Al*|*Class*|*lvl*|*notes*| |Ethrias|NG|Warrior|4th|18 H/O M| |Enoch Brant|NG|Expert|3rd|19 H M| |*9 Currently in Arda*|--|--|--|with Trevor| |Alcinous Grivas|LG|Expert|2nd|36 H M| |Timeus|LN| …

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